Bull Bay

On the border between St Andrew and St Thomas lies Bull Bay, coincidentally or not, beside its lesser-known sister bay, Cow Bay. It is said that both bays were so named because the whole area was once a slaughter centre in the days of the buccaneers and the early days of English Colonialism. Bull Bay has an energetic, close-knit community, and at night, the coastline pulsates with rhythms from the various nightclubs that line the beach.

Historic Bull Bay

From the gate at Cane River Falls Park, the faint sound of rushing water gently beckons, and 101 steps down a steep narrow walkway, tucked behind huge boulders, is a serendipitous find, the Cane River Falls. Although the falls are the closest and most easily accessible by residents of Kingston, the nation’s capital, they are still relatively unknown, and on most days no more than a handful of people actually visit. The falls, just inland from Bull Bay, are said to have been Reggae artist Bob Marley’s favorite place to wash his dreadlocks.

Bull Bay – is also called Nine Mile because of its distance from downtown Kingston

Bull Bay is associated in the minds of many with Rastafari, since it is one of the largest settlements of Rastas on the island. The camp, located at 13 Marcus Garvey Way, Zion Hill, comprises the homes, prayer houses and meeting places of more than 300 Rastas, with separate units for men and women.

Generally, the Rastas in the camp observe strict prayer rites at specified times, and at 6:00am, 12:00pm and 6:00pm the chants and drumbeats can be heard from as far away as the coast.

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Not far from the village of Bull Bay, at the top of the Queensbury Ridge, is a monument to “Three-Finger” Jack Mansong, an 18th century “Robin Hood” character said to be associated with the region. Three-Finger Jack began his life as a slave on a nearby plantation, but in his adult life was labeled a rabble-rouser and was sentenced to death for inciting other slaves to rebellion. Jack cheated death and took to the hills, terrorizing the British authorities and landowners. The monument is strategically located in an area long known as “Three-Finger Jack Corner”, a breathtaking lookout point that offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea from between two small hills.

Bobo Hill

Bobo Hill is home to the Bobo Shanti, or Bobo Ashanti, House of Ras Tafari. Known for their peaceably militant interpretation of Marcus Garvey’s teachings. Bobo Ashanti (“Ashanti” to pay homage to their Asante ancestors of the Akan tribe in present-day Ghana), also called the Ethiopian International Congress, is a religious group based in Bull Bay near Kingston, Jamaica. The Bobo Ashanti are one of the strictest Mansions of Rastafari. They cover their dreadlocks with turbans and wear long robes .

Cane River Falls

Just nine miles outside Kingston you will find Bull Bay -an energetic, close-knit community, and at night, the coastline pulsates with rhythms from the various nightclubs that line the beach. Cane River falls is hidden in this eclectic community. It is a a local favorite and where Reggae legend Bob Marley used to washed his beautiful locks. The Cane River rises at twin sources in the vicinity of Derby Peak in eastern Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica from where it flows south to the Caribbean Sea.

Cable beach Hut

Positioned in Bull Bay, 3.7 miles east-southeast of Harbour View, Cable Hut Beach is on the East edge of Jamaica. You might think about stopping by even if you aren’t staying nearby. Cable Hut Beach stands out from other beaches because it’s the ideal location for getting away from vacation stresses, like overly crowded restaurants and attractions. Most other beaches in Jamaica may have the same pleasing, tropical setting as Cable Hut Beach, but are usually busier because they’re right around the corner.

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Caine River Falls
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